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Ceegee Realty, LLC 10033 Mammoth Ave. Baton Rouge, La 70814  *  225-928-7777

"Opening Doors to Your Future"  Since 1998

How to calculate the taxes on a home you would like tobuy.

"Free Ever or Never Events"

Join us at our next event!

     ~Invest NOW! We'll show you How~

This EVENT is for You! If you Ever considered becoming a Real Estate Investor Or

Even if you have Never considered Investing?

Here is where you can get the information needed to help you decide.

Others are doing it, so what are you waiting on? Now is the time to buy, buy, BUY!

In Real estate there has never been a better time to buy and/or Invest than right NOW! Come and learn How.

This Quarter's Ever or Never Event is for those who have or have not considered investing.

NOW! is the best time EVER!

Come see if it's for you.

             Date: ________________________

                                   Time: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

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Ceegee Realty, LLC

10033 Mammoth AVE.

Baton Rouge, La 70814